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Virtual Reality Therapy

More than a novelty, this innovative advancement in patient therapy can be completed in the office or via teletherapy.  (The client must purchase an approved headset for home use.)

Virtual Reality Therapy suite includes:
(12) 55-minute sessions
with *three (3) progress assessments


*Includes initial assessment by clinical therapist and two additional assessments to monitor progress. 

Each session will be facilitated by a VR Assistant.  Accepting clients from age 8 and up.

Please speak with your therapist for more information.

VR Goggles

How do the sessions work?

For the first two weeks, sessions take place
three times per week.

During the second two week-cycle,
sessions take place twice per week.

During the third two week cycle,
sessions take place once per week.

Please click here to learn more.


What other costs are involved?

After the purchase of the initial package, additional sessions are available for $55.00 each,  or
choose eight (8) additional sessions for $400.00.

Accepted forms of payment:

Cash, Credit Cards, EAP

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